The Roses-Overview

’The Roses’ as designed by Alliance Homes, a builder who uphold your pride, altogether sets a new benchmark that definitely redefines the concept of apartment living. ‘The Roses’ as envisaged by Alliance Homes is to break the common notion that living in an apartment is prom dresses 2013

a confinement of one’s life to the four walls. “The Roses’ has been designed in such way that it gives its inhabitants the relief from the usual physiological concerns about the restrictions and confinement of typical high rise apartment life.

The campus of ‘The Roses’ is a lush green land admeasuring about one achre and ideally situated in one of the most sought after residential locale of Kannur - with in the heart of the town but totally secluded from the hustle and bustle of city life. In this campus, we have planned only a limited number of beautiful town house like apartments having distinctive features.

‘The Roses’ is a three storied apartment complex catering only thirty houses and the entire complex is spread over the land and so that each apartments will have direct opening to the panoramic views outside from all the directions. The direct openings and the cross ventilations from all sides of the apartments will provide the occupants with the access to the fresh air all the time. A unique peace and tranquillity take over your mind when you enjoy naturally the fragrance of the marvellous roses blossoming every fine morning from the landscaped garden all around this campus and that definitely rejuvenates your zest for life.